Pre-Surgery Checklist

Tips for a Successful Rapid Recovery Surgery

  1. Educate yourself – ask questions!

  2. Choose a Coach  

  3. Cut down or quit smoking

  4. Keep blood sugars in control

  5. Keep moving

  6. HAVE A PLAN – we’re here to help with your plan!

Unity Point Health

Planning Ahead: What to do Before Your Hospital Stay

Unity Point HealthYour hospital stay will be very busy and only last 1-2 days. Begin planning and preparing for your discharge now:

  • Most people go home with outpatient physical therapy
  • If you have difficulty getting in or out of your house, you may require home health services
  • If you are unable to pass your Goals for Discharge, you may need to go to an extended care facility for a short period of time. Have your top 3 facilities in mind.

Arrange for a family member or friend to stay with you your first 3-5 nights at home. You will need some level of help for several weeks with tasks such as shopping and housekeeping.

Pick out where you would like to have outpatient physical therapy (most people attend for 2-8 weeks, depending on how well you advance).

Confirm benefits from your insurance company.

Prepare your home for an easier and safer recovery.  

Gather what assistive devices you will need ahead of time, if possible. Most people use a walker for 1-2 weeks after a joint replacement. A toilet riser may be beneficial if you have low toilets.

Obtain medical clearances and all lab work as instructed by your surgeon.

Avoid constipation – try to have a bowel movement the day before or day of surgery.

Make sure you understand what medications to stop before surgery and when (Examples: Advil, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aspirin, Coumadin, Warfarin, Plavix, Herbal Supplements).

Make sure you understand all instructions – when/where to arrive for surgery, when to stop eating/drinking for surgery, what medications to stop, what medications to take morning of surgery (see page 5 in folder).

Stop shaving 5 days before surgery (Men may shave face with electric razor or clipper only).

STAY HEALTHY! AVOID CUTS/SCRATCHES/ABRASIONS! Please report any concerns to your surgeon BEFORE your surgery date.