During Your Stay

Day of Surgery - Post Procedure

  • You may not feel your legs for a few hours after procedure due to spinal anesthetic
  • We will work with you to control your pain immediately after surgery
  • You will start with a clear liquid diet and progress as tolerated
  • You will be getting IV fluids and an IV antibiotic
  • You may have a catheter in your bladder
  • You may have a drain coming from your incision
  • You will have ice or a cold pack (polar care) on your incision
  • You will get up in a chair or on the side of the bed. You may start physical therapy today
  • You will be wearing TED hose and have SCDs (wraps around your legs to promote circulation). These will continue the rest of your hospital stay
  • Use your incentive spirometer for 10 breaths every hour while you are awake while in the hospital
  • For HIP replacement: you will have a foam wedge strapped between your legs to help maintain hip precautions

First Day After Surgery

  • You will be encouraged to use only pain pills. IV medications may be available for severe pain if ordered by your physician.
  • If you have a drain, catheter or IV fluids, they may be stopped/removed.
  • You will eat regular food
  • You will sit in chair for all 3 meals
  • You will work with Physical Therapy and sometimes Occupational Therapy 2 times a day
  • You will continue to ice/elevate as recommended for pain and swelling
  • You will work with Care Coordinator on your discharge plans
  • You may discharge home if you complete all Goals for Discharge

Second Day After Surgery

  • If approved by your surgeon, you can plan to be discharged home. A small percentage of patients may require additional skilled care which can be coordinated by your care team.
  • You will continue to work on completing your Goals for Discharge as on first day after surgery

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